Looking outside back at Melbourne, we felt your pain.
The characters you introduce us to, hearing from people from different walks of life, what a brilliant insight into the struggle of ordinary people.
A wonderful documentation of an intriguing period in our history that will be looked at fondly for many years to come.

Luke Grant

3AW/ 2GB radio

This book is a sensational depiction of life as it was experienced by people all across Melbourne, with all its joys and sorrows. Buy it for your friends, your family and for yourself.

Danielle Norton

Weekend Notes

Honest, touching, heart-warming…

Together Apart is a beautiful snapshot of how people reacted in those crazy times last year when the world changed forever.

sue preston

The Senior Newspaper

It is a privilege and joy that Jude and Belinda captured my memories, my story, and my beautiful boys to be part of this amazing collection.

All of the images and stories though will remind you of your own journey in 2020, in different ways.

Life will go back to normal – a new improved normal. This book is a glorious reminder of why.


The Bookworms

Together Apart is an extraordinary book put together by Judith and Belinda in an extraordinary time in our lives when Covid -19 shocked our reality.

It was privileged to be featured in this book. It’s a collection of stories of individuals dealing with this strange time, both physically and mentally.

The beautiful black and white photography captures these stories in a coffee table book. The stories of ordinary people living through extraordinary times.

Well done and thank you for this gift of capturing this time in history.


The Yogi

Your book is such a great achievement, well done Belinda & Jude.

Mary O’Brien

Journalist, Domain

The beauty of the images and what they represent create an important visual record of these times.

Toni Burton

State Library Victoria

Definitely a book for the time! Congratulations to you and all your Victorian friends – for the book and for surviving this long, strange chapter.

We are awed.

Jane Corbett-Jones

Public Relations

So poignant and inspiring.



Congratulations to you, Jude and Belle.

Your book tells of amazing tales
of the journeys we have been through and how life changed for a moment or forever.

It’s beautiful to have captured
so many of Altona’s amazing characters. You should be so proud. So many special people in here 😍.

Thanks for the memories.



The Fertility Coach

Together Apart is a wonderful collection of stories of people surviving the pandemic as well as two neighbours becoming close as friends and business partners in order to create and document a book that will grow in value over time.

Well done Jude and Belle on capturing the essence of the last two challenging years on so many levels!

Marina Ivanovic


I can’t help feeling what an important historic record you’ve created, which becomes even more important as time rolls on through this never-ending COVID clusterf**k.

Fiona Harper


Love the book of the book and love your enthusiasm.

Christina Koullas

CK Public Relations

I have watched your book come to life through social media. I have found the stories and images very moving, and a wonderful reflection of the different challenges everyone was facing, while also showing the strength of a community.

Debbie Brodtman


Congrats again! I can vouch for this book. An incredible time capsule of this time, including stories from Altona friends and neighbours.

Lucy Siebert

Public Relations

Jude and Belle’s “Life in Lockdown” project was fantastic and having her and Belinda document my daughter and my time in isolation was very special for us.

Jude’s photos are spectacular and tell each story perfectly.

Having this beautiful book portraying so many amazing stories during this crazy time will be treasured for a long time.

Thank you!


The Knitters

I found reading the introduction cathartic because it framed a lost year for me and helped me put some markers in my mind.

I will treasure it for that reason because otherwise, the year feels like a gaping hole.

Sandra Wilson

Former Mayor, Hobsons Bay City Council

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Together Apart: Life in Lockdown


Together Apart is a coffee table book about life in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne.

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